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Nano Adventures

The most distracted show in the series

The 22nd show in the series of podcasts from the Lost broadcast. This is the first show that is an hour long, a return to the old format of radio production. Many thanks to all of the listeners who took part.

Recorded live well most of it was, some of it was recorded in the New Forest in Hampshire. Thanks to the various members who joined me in the chat room and sent me to distraction.

THIS SHOW FEATURES A SONG WITH SWEARING IN IT! Show Twenty recorded in front of a large audience. http://www.healthyjunkies.co.uk http://www.blang.co.uk https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/and-again-the-best/id1203410634Happy Millionaire

The 3rd live show in the series of nineteen shows, the numbers are picking up and people are starting to listen. Tim and Julie joined us in the chat room for a chat and a further number of people tuned in after I stopped talking.

The second live show in the series, with my Friends putting me off on Whatsapp.

This is the first live broadcast of the series

This show was recorded at Southend Sea Front on the 3rd March 2017.

Show 14, now I’m getting laz

Here is the 13th show in the series, enjoy.

Here is show 10

Here is show Nine coming straight out of London… for a change.

Hello again and welcome to the next instalment of music and chat in the form of the Nano Adventures podcast.

Happy New Year from Nano Adventures 🙂

The fifth show from the Nano Adventures Podcast.

Here is the fourth show in the series, the’re aren’t any adventures to speak of this week but two random jukebox reviews instead. Thanks for listening.

Only a day late this time, with some great admissions from The Juke, Tim Britton and Chris Watkins. Thanks for tuning in.

Thank for tuning in please visit the Juke and give his reviews a listen and a reply. The Matinee – Broken Arrows EP

Welcome to Nano Adventures the latest podcast from the TLB broadcast on both websites on the inner and outer.

So okay here is the video of the highlight of the October adventure in Cornwall, the second of 2016.

So this post is over 5 weeks late but I was looking for the podcast I recorded live in Cornwall and I couldn’t find it. I went to Kernow with Adam for a weeks cycling, feeling fairly confident that I could handle the hills. I have to say I am very proud of myself and […]