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Sorry but this show is 5 mins shorter than normal, I though I had recorced a section and a lead to a track but apparently it doesn’t exist. So I will save the track for next week’s show. This week #ShowSixteen was recorded and presented in the garden of Hampton court House

The six and last show of 2016, it is more of a review as of the tracks have been played on previous shows. Happy new year.

So okay here is the video of the highlight of the October adventure in Cornwall, the second of 2016.

So this post is over 5 weeks late but I was looking for the podcast I recorded live in Cornwall and I couldn’t find it. I went to Kernow with Adam for a weeks cycling, feeling fairly confident that I could handle the hills. I have to say I am very proud of myself and […]

I am cycling London to Eastbourne to raise money for the British heart foundation on Saturday 10th September 2016. Follow my route here; http://markriley.org/gpx/LondontoEastbourne.gpx You can sponsor me here;

I have totally underestimated how heavy my bag was with all of kit in. I have hurt my back already.

This is my start, I rode 28.4 miles and walked 10 miles in under 24 hours which is a new record for me. Molly my dog walked the 10 miles with me and is suffering today bless her.

This is the first podcast I have done where I haven’t used an outside organisation to record like ‘Spreaker, MIXLR’ etc.

The second episode from thelostbroadcast.org

The very brief journey started at Southgate at 21.20, I got on a 299 to Cockfosters and then got on a Piccadilly line train to Oakwood, where I was just in time to catch the 121 to Chase side station and walk home. Scroll through the photos below for the timeline.

Episode 1 of the our brand new radio show.

It’s such a horrible word, it reeks of failure at life (to me anyway) and conjurers up notions of overweight people trying their hardest to ignore the cries of comfort food hidden in a secret cupboard somehere… Well that’s enough of my prejudices, I’m over weight not badly but enough to have an effect on […]

The first podcast that lasts for 15 minutes as I am good at starting things off and growing them from nothing.

The Moon over Enfield Chase EN2. 2015

This show was recorded, edited and published in Kissime, Florida USA.