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Show Twenty Three Nano Adventures

The most distracted show in the series

Show Twenty Two Nano Adventures

The 22nd show in the series of podcasts from the Lost broadcast. This is the first show that is an hour long, a return to the old format of radio production. Many thanks to all of the listeners who took part.

Show Twenty One

Recorded live well most of it was, some of it was recorded in the New Forest in Hampshire. Thanks to the various members who joined me in the chat room and sent me to distraction.

Nano Adventures Show Twenty


Show Twenty recorded in front of a large audience.



https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/and-again-the-best/id1203410634Happy Millionaire

Show Nineteen #NanoAdventures

The 3rd live show in the series of nineteen shows, the numbers are picking up and people are starting to listen. Tim and Julie joined us in the chat room for a chat and a further number of people tuned in after I stopped talking.

Interview with Chris Watkins & The Drunk Poets

Chris and I decided to to share our interview from a couple of years ago as a prelude to recording another chat and publishing it. This has been one of my favourite Nanos.

Nano Adventures Show Eighteen

The second live show in the series, with my Friends putting me off on Whatsapp.

Show Seventeen #NanoAdventures

This is the first live broadcast of the series

Nano Aventures Show Sixteen (Hampton Court)

Sorry but this show is 5 mins shorter than normal, I though I had recorced a section and a lead to a track but apparently it doesn’t exist. So I will save the track for next week’s show.

This week #ShowSixteen was recorded and presented in the garden of Hampton court House

Nano Adventures Show Fifteen

This show was recorded at Southend Sea Front on the 3rd March 2017.

Nano Adventures Show Fourteen

Show 14, now I’m getting laz

Nano Adventures

Here is the 13th show in the series, enjoy.

Nano Adventures Show Twelve

Nano Adventures Show Eleven

Nano Adventures Show Ten

Here is show 10

Nano Adventures Show Nine

Here is show Nine coming straight out of London… for a change.

Nano Adventures Show Eight

Hello again and welcome to the next instalment of music and chat in the form of the Nano Adventures podcast.

Nano Adventures Show Seven

Happy New Year from Nano Adventures šŸ™‚

Nano Adventures Show Six

The six and last show of 2016, it is more of a review as of the tracks have been played on previous shows.

Happy new year.

Nano Adventures Show Five

The fifth show from the Nano Adventures Podcast.

Nano Adventures Show 4

Here is the fourth show in the series, the’re aren’t any adventures to speak of this week but two random jukebox reviews instead. Thanks for listening.

Nano Adventure Show 3

Only a day late this time, with some great admissions from The Juke, Tim Britton and Chris Watkins.

Thanks for tuning in.

Nano Adventure Show TWO

Thank for tuning in please visit the Juke and give his reviews a listen and a reply.

The Matinee – Broken Arrows EP

Nano Adventures Show ONE

Welcome to Nano Adventures the latest podcast from the TLB broadcast on both websites on the inner and outer.

Cornwall 2016 Part 2

So okay here is the video of the highlight of the October adventure in Cornwall, the second of 2016.

Cornwall 2016 Part II

So this post is over 5 weeks late but I was looking for the podcast I recorded live in Cornwall and I couldn’t find it. I went to Kernow with Adam for a weeks cycling, feeling fairly confident that I could handle the hills. I have to say I am very proud of myself and accumulated over 100 miles of cycling. My favourite was Hayle to Land’s end and Next June 2017 I am looking forward to London to Land’s end.

London to Eastbourne dialogue

This video is made up of three videos I filmed during my fundraiser to Eastbourne.

London to Eastbourne BHF

I am cycling London to Eastbourne to raise money for the British heart foundation on Saturday 10th September 2016. Follow my route here;


You can sponsor me here;


22 Press up challenge

This is my video detailing my journey over 22 days performing the 22 day challenge.

22 Push Up Challenge 2016

Here is the proof that I completed the 22 push up challenge. Enjoy my pain!

D of E Part two Wales

The Rambling Podcast Episode 8

Cornwall 2016 Part 1

So I had this mad idea, it was an idea at least but still mad and quite mad by a lot people’s standards. I set myself the task of walking ? the 25 miles or so from Lizard point to Penzance. Not so mad really but add the fact that I had never done it before and also I would start at midnight, so walking in the pitch black. You see now why people think I’m mad or it was a mad idea.
I arrived at Penzance after grossly underestimating the weight of my bag and hurting my back before I started the trek at 7:50pm. I had bought with me two bags, one with my bivvy, sleeping bag, tarp, bed and cooking kit, the other held my tent, clothes, more substantial cooking kit as well as my laptop and other luxuries. I had arranged to store the bigger bag at West Coast taxis for Ā£3 for the night, which they did kindly with no fuss. With a ltitle bit of time to kill, I waited for a bus the No 2 to Helston, where upon arrival I waited another hour for the No 37 to take me to the Lizard. At the Lizard, since it is the most southerly point in Britain, I contemplated the enormous task I had set myself. It was dark and closedĀ and theĀ only place to go was north, so I did.

It was a warm clear night and I only saw two other Humans throughout the entire night, the first was a Lady smoking a cigarette asĀ silhouetted by the porch lights of the Pub at the Lizard. The other was driving the only car that passed me on my walk until 6am. I have to say I didn’t feel lonely or alone despite being so. I felt like my walk had a sense of purpose, like being the only person still up (even though I know I wasn’t) and everyone else I knew at the time was tucked up in bed. A night watchman.

My plan was to walk 5 miles then stop and have a coffee, so I walked through Mullion cove and village and reached a little bay just outside. It had a small beach and Moon lit up the tiny bay with a beautiful shadow on the sea. It was by far the most exciting hike I had ever done because I realised that during the day and daylight hours I would walk semi autonomously but since it was very dark, I was cautious and watched every footing. I walked across farm land and beaches. Then I came to a clearing and found a good spot to pitch my bivvy if I wanted to have a kip. I decided to carry on instead and had to walk across a beach just outside of Porthleven, that had a beautiful set of lights that had loomed tantalisingly for about two and a half hours. It was at this point I had my steepest climb onto a cliff with a huge drop. I reached Porthleven and set up camp in the town centre, drank soup and coffee. Then the Sun came up, and the Milk men and street cleaners came out and I realised through my tiredness, the night part of my walk was over. I had two choices either walk a further 12 miles to Penzance as I had planned (via an A road) or walk to Helston a further 5 miles and a call it a morning. I chose the later and got a No 2 bus back to Penzance.

Upon arrival at Penzance I went to pick up my bag and then waited for the famous No 1 bus. 45 minutes later it dropped me off at Trevedra campsite and I walked what felt like another mile to reception. The very nice Lady sent me back the way I came to an almost empty field with a shower block. I found a spot and out of nowhere a huge German Gentleman came over offered me tea. Which I declined as I just wanted to pitch my tent have a couple of hours sleep, as it was now 11 am. Once my tent was up, I laid on my bed and passed out. I woke up at lunchtime and went off to the showers. Then I walked down the cliff along the coastal path to Sennen cove and in turn a further mile to Land’s End.

The first post of the adventure

I have totally underestimated how heavy my bag was with all of kit in. I have hurt my back already.




Introducing Lucas

This is video about my Son and his trampoline I made for my Wife Nicole.

Episode 5

Yes Man Featuring Nicole Flodin (free download)

Here is a track I recorded with my Wife about five years ago. I thought I could include it as a free download on iTunes as well. So enjoy and any rappers who want to offer me advice on how to do it, please feel free.

Fed up video

Episode 4

First attempt at Nano Adventures Part 1

This is my start, I rode 28.4 miles and walked 10 miles in under 24 hours which is a new record for me. Molly my dog walked the 10 miles with me and is suffering today bless her.

The Rambling Episode 3 (Podcasting)

This is the first podcast I have done where I haven’t used an outside organisation to record like ‘Spreaker, MIXLR’ etc.

Today’s ride

America Unsigned Episode 2

The second episode from thelostbroadcast.org

Piccadilly Line Test Run

The very brief journey started at Southgate at 21.20, I got on a 299 to Cockfosters and then got on a Piccadilly line train to Oakwood, where I was just in time to catch the 121 to Chase side station and walk home. Scroll through the photos below for the timeline.

America Unsigned Episode 1

Episode 1 of the our brand new radio show.


It’s such a horrible word, it reeks of failure at life (to me anyway) and conjurers up notions of overweight people trying their hardest to ignore the cries of comfort food hidden in a secret cupboard somehere…

Well that’s enough of my prejudices, I’m over weight not badly but enough to have an effect on my self image and it’s making me unhappy. So for lent I have decided to do something about it. I am on the Military diet, basically starving myself for three days, milkshakes and a dinner for four and see how much I lose. I would love to go back to my fit weight of 10 stone and under. I am at present 11 stone 8 for a 5’5 ” Man that’s not good. So see how I go.

IMG-20160210-WA0000 (2)

Podcast Episode 1 MR

The first podcast that lasts for 15 minutes as I am good at starting things off and growing them from nothing.


The Moon


The Moon over Enfield Chase EN2. 2015